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 Epidemiologic Study of Brucellosis Disease in Divandarreh City of Kurdistan Province, Iran
2019 , 10 , 1 Persian article
Epidemiology and the Burden of Diseases in Health Care System
Farbod Ebadifard Azar 1, Hadi Jalilvand 2, Mojtaba Abdi 3, Delnia Nikuee 4, Seyede Parvin Ghazaei 5, Matineh Pourrahimi 6,
  • Received 10/3/2018
  • Receipt 1/29/2019
  • Published 6/20/2019
Background and Objectives: Brucellosis is one of the common zoonosis. This study aimed to map out epidemiological aspects of the disease in the city of Divandarreh, Kurdistan province, Iran between 2013 and October 2016.

Material and Methods: This study was a descriptive cross-sectional, in which the population under the study were census-based and all cases were included in the study between 2013 and 2016. The research method was referring to patients' files in the city health center and collecting information as followed in the checklist designed based on the variables of the research.

Results: During the study period, 790 cases were diagnosed with brucellosis. The highest prevalence was among men (52.55 per 10,000), in the summer season (34 per 10,000), among ranchers (51.46 per 10,000) and in the age group of 20-35 years old.

Conclusion: Divandarreh is one of the areas with high prevalence of brucellosis in Kurdistan province. Due to the high economic costs of this disease, more effort is needed to educate the people of the region about not keeping the livestock in their place of residence and not to drink raw milk. it is also suggested that the level of cooperation between the Department of Veterinary Medicine and the City Health Center should increase.

Print ISSN: 2008-9058 | Electronic ISSN : 2423-6640