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Prioritizing Factors Affecting Patients' Trust in Electronic Health Services
2017 , 8 , 3 مقاله فارسی
Quality of Health Care Delivery
Majid Esmaeli 1, Hossein Bodaghi Khajeh Noubar 2, Mohammad Rahim Esfidani 3, Mohammad Haghighi 4,
  • Received 8/14/2017
  • Receipt 10/15/2017
  • Published 12/21/2017
Background and Objectives: Nowadays, electronic transactions and electronic health play a vital role in improving the health of patients. The purpose of this study was to determine the level of trust of hospitalized patients and factors affecting their trust in electronic health services.

Material and Methods: This was a cross-sectional study which was conducted through survey and questionnaire. A sample size of 60 people was randomly selected as a tool for collecting data in a Likert scale. Data were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics in SPSS software. The validity of the questionnaire was determined by content validity method and its reliability was confirmed by Cronbach's alpha coefficient test.

Results: The overall trust of patients in electronic health was evaluated with a mean of 74.78% at a good level. Website's visibility factor with a mean of 8.99 point had the highest effect and the perceived risk of electronic health with a mean of 2.31 had the least effect on e-health.

Conclusion: The results showed that from the perspective of the participants, when deciding to apply electronic health, trust plays a key role and supporting factors, website and organizational factors are considered, respectively. So, for replacing e-health system, it is required to analyze discussed structures carefully.

E-HealthInformation TechnologyTelemedicineTrust
Print ISSN: 2008-9058 | Electronic ISSN : 2423-6640