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Tabriz University of Medical Sciences-Tabriz Health Services Management Research Center
Dr. Jafar Sadegh Tabrizi
Dr.Vahideh Zarea Gavgani
Leila Dastgiri
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Depiction of Health is a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal which publishes articles in health system research as open access. Articles are published in Persian with English abstract.


Current Issue - 2019, Volume 10, Issue 4

Determination of Drug Prescription Pattern for Outpatients Covered by Social Security Organization in Semnan Province and Compare It with the WHO Standards
The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence, Resiliency and Burnout in Staff of the headquarter of Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services
Performance Trend Analysis of the Direct and Indirect Treatment of the Social Security Organization over the Past 25 Years Using Dynamic Multiple Attribute Decision Making and Examining the Correlation between Them
Prediction of Job Stress Based on Psychological Capital and Job Performance in Nurses of Kermanshah Hospitals
The Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction in Relationship between Mentoring Functions and Organizational Commitment among Hospital Personnel
Perceived Social Support and Social Isolation in the Older Adults
A Review on the Role of Community Participation in Health Promotion Programs
Evaluation of Demographic and Clinical Factors on Fertility Style in Iran - A Review Study
Print ISSN: 2008-9058 | Electronic ISSN : 2423-6640