A Survey of Health System Reform Circumstances from the Experiences of Managers and Nurses of Tabriz Taleqani Hospital
2015 , 6 , 1 Persian article
Health Care System Management
Farid Gharibi 1, Ali Janati 2, Mohsen Farajollah Beiknoori 3, Behnam Amini Daghalian 4,
  • Received 11/3/2014
  • Receipt 2/23/2015
  • Published 6/5/2015
Background and objectives: In order to adapt with the changing conditions and meeting the requirements, health systems in different countries require reform within their structure and function and doubtless, proper evaluation and monitoring are necessary in order to reduce the shortcomings. On this basis, the current study aimed to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the Health System Reform in Iran from the aspect of managers and nurses of Tabriz Taleqani Hospital in 2014.

Material and Methods:
This is a qualitative study which was done three months after launching the reform. The participants consisted of 27 managers and nurses. First, the non-structured interviews and then the semi-structured interviews were used to collect data. For data analysis, the content analysis was used.

The results showed that the best outcomes of reform were obtained in “reduction in patient’s expenses” part and worst outcomes were gained in “physicians’ residency”, “improving the quality of the visits” and “promoting normal vaginal delivery (NVD)” sections. Finally, the researchers offered practical suggestions to resolve problems and shortcomings.

This study indicated that despite the success of this reform in some aspects, there are notable challenges and problems in other areas that require managers and policy makers’ attention.

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