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 Prediction of Job Stress Based on Psychological Capital and Job Performance in Nurses of Kermanshah Hospitals
2019 , 10 , 4 Persian article
Prevention of Diseases
Bita Shalani 1, Akram Abbariki 2, Saied Sadeghi 3,
  • Received 6/13/2019
  • Receipt 11/21/2019
  • Published 12/31/2019
Background and Objectives: Job stress in nursing is one of the most important issues of this century. Many of the studies have addressed the factors linked with this variable. The aim of this study was to predict nurses’ job stress based on psychological capital and job performance.

Material and Methods: This descriptive-correlation study population consisted of all nurses in the city of Kermanshah in (2016) and 152 nurses were selected by convenience sampling method. To collect the data, job stress, psychological capital and job performance Paterson questionnaire was used. To analyze the data, Pearson correlation and regression were applied using SPSS version 22 statistical software.

Results: The relationship between psychological capital and job stress (P<0/05) and psychological capital and job performance (P<0/001) was significant. The overall model showed that these two variables together are able to predict job stress (P<0/05) and psychological capital alone is able to predict job stress (P<0/05: β=-0/19), while job performance alone does not have the ability to predict job stress (P>0/05: β=-0/03).

Conclusion: Based on these findings, nurses who have rich psychological capital, experience lower stress.
Job StressNursesPsychological Capital Work performanceReligionResiliencyOptimismSelf-Efficacy
Print ISSN: 2008-9058 | Electronic ISSN : 2423-6640